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Over the past years Digital Coaching Systems have created a number of online and offline resources for coaches of all levels. Now Clubs and school teams can create their online video and document database for their athletes an affordable price.


There are many ways an athlete and a Coach can learn, and watching video is one of those ways. Don't keep your video recorded matches stay on the camera, it is time to share them with your team. For information on how you can do this go to


Go to and look for the Coach and Teacher tab for caoching information.




A Site for Coaches

This site contains a wide range of resources for wrestling coaches. Coaches involved in a school or club program will find this information valuable. Resources are in the form of video, flash media and PDF documents.



We have added a Practice Planning Tool to our list of presentations. You will find the link under the video on this page.





Free download, Click Here for The Spectators Guide To Wrestling (Video). Note: the quality of this video has been compromised to make it easier to download.


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A new database for instructional videos covering wrestling, basketball and strength training is now up and running and FREE. This is not a trial but a FREE for always offer.


For more coaching information go to